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This upload completes the teachings on the books of the Bible.  1st & 2nd Thessalonians is a series with many very interesting topics.  The Second Coming of Christ is one of the focal points of Paul’s teachings.  Terry’s view is that these epistles were the first writings of the New Testament and they speak to a persecuted body of believers who only had Paul for three weeks.    They must have been quick learners.  Enjoy and grow – John T


This series began in 1977 and was completed in 1979.  24 Powerful teachings on Paul’s favorite church.  You will be challenged to do a self examination of your walk!  Does your behavior reflect what you profess you believe ?  What a wonderful opportunity to hear the Holy Spirit reach out to you with Godly guidance.  I know you will grow from this experience.  Your brother in the Lord – John T


This is a powerful series from 1981.  Terry teaches this great book with gusto and clarity.  Absolutely one of his very best.  If you will devote personal private time (closet time), to ingest this series, I assure you that the fullness of Christ in your life will  flourish in brand new ways.

I have included a new feature for you with this series.  The pdf Timeline comments have been upgraded to include the Scripture within the teaching.  So you will be able to listen on any device and have the scripture on the screen while you hear the message. I will continue with this upgraded pdf for the remainder of the Library.

In His Fulness,

Your brother in the Lord –  John T


This series on Galatians is one of Terry’s finest presentations. It is so relevant to today that it should be ingrained in every Christian’s understanding.  There are major changes taking place in  the modern church and we would do well to take counsel from this solid apostolic guidance.  This series of 21 teachings would be a perfect way to begin the new year.

Evangelism and Missions

What is the true cost of real Discipleship?  The Holy Spirit is the only source of strength who will empower us to continue in an ever deepening journey.  “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Matthew 7:13-14


What it really means to build our lives upon the one foundation – Jesus Christ.  Are we actually constructing the right spiritual buildings or are we building houses upon the sand?  The gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few.  Be one of the few. John T


This is an enlightening series that draws parallels between the natural family and God’s family.  The teaching brings into sharp focus the various stages of the Christian’s development.  It provides a way to do a self audit of our own maturity.  Infancy, Toddlerhood, Children, Teenager, Adult, Mature Christian.  John T


This series really gets to the core of Christian Marriage.  Each title represents a little different focus on the subject.  Here is a short spotlight on each teaching:  UNEQUALLY YOKED – 11-054-38 illuminates the reasons why a Christian believer should not marry a non-believer.  THOSE WHOM GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER – 11-154-38  is aimed at existing marriages and how to strengthen them.  MARRIAGE REVISITED 13-108-38  focuses on the difference between Christian marriage and civil marriage or just folks living together.  WHEN GOD SAYS “I DO”  15-154-38 takes a look at marriage from God’s perspective. WOW!


A great teaching to clarify the meaning of Baptism at a time in church history when there is no short supply of opinions.  Infant Baptism. Believer’s Baptism. The connection of Baptism to Salvation.  Any need for a second Baptism?  What about you?