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If you ever wished that you could go on a spiritual retreat – One on One with the Lord – your wish has been granted.  This series on Abraham will usher you into a holy place where you will be nourished beyond measure.  You will feel the Lord working in and upon you every moment as the Holy Spirit embeds Abraham’s experiences in you.


Put you headphones on and give yourself a two-day private saturation experience.  Or, if you wish a more traditional approach, find a focused way to let these 18 sessions transport you to a new location on your journey – a spiritual land of promise for you personally.  You will be blessed – John Tiffany


The Memorial service honoring the Life of The Rev. Dr. Everette L. “Terry” Fullam was held yesterday at Tomoka Christian Church in Ormond  Beach, Fl.  The Livestream broadcast of the service can be visited at .  It is now in the archive so you may have to sign up with  Livestream.  Very easy just give your email and create a password.

Good bye my Spiritual Father – Till we meet again.  HE STOOD IN THE COUNCIL OF THE LORD (Jer 23:18), and paraphrase of Acts 13:36 FOR WHEN TERRY HAD SERVED GOD’S PURPOSE IN HIS OWN GENERATION, HE FELL ASLEEP; AND WAS LAID WITH HIS FATHERS.  One of your thousand’s of  spiritual children – John Tiffany