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Maturity and Sanctification

Many of you will know that Life on Wings and its sister site Mission Honesty are devoted to helping Christians mature in their Spiritual walk.  The fifty dollar theological term for maturing is called the Doctrine of Sanctification.  Sanctification, as I am sure you know, is the continuing progression of spiritual maturity whereby the Christian becomes more Christ-like.  It is a great deal more than just learning the scripture or filling the mind with academic information about God.

Sanctification is the process of letting the Holy Spirit transform our attitudes and behavior in such a way that we can see, understand, and fulfill God’s plan for our individual lives.  It is, if you wish, allowing ourselves to be sufficiently changed so as to be a vehicle for the extension of the incarnate ministry of Jesus, in this present world.  The underlying word Sanctify means to set apart for special use and purpose.  We can’t move into our special purpose in God’s plan, if we don’t know what it is.

Finding God’s plan for our life is the journey of moving from the general to the specific.  We learn God’s general plan from the scripture and as it transforms us we begin to find his specific plan for us in a personal way.

As Father Fullam often says – The pre-condition to knowing God’s plan is your willingness to do it.

I would suggest two moves on your part:

  1. Download the series on Discipleship and Guidance
  2. Download and immerse yourself into the teaching on Romans.