This series really gets to the core of Christian Marriage.  Each title represents a little different focus on the subject.  Here is a short spotlight on each teaching:  UNEQUALLY YOKED – 11-054-38 illuminates the reasons why a Christian believer should not marry a non-believer.  THOSE WHOM GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER – 11-154-38  is aimed at existing marriages and how to strengthen them.  MARRIAGE REVISITED 13-108-38  focuses on the difference between Christian marriage and civil marriage or just folks living together.  WHEN GOD SAYS “I DO”  15-154-38 takes a look at marriage from God’s perspective. WOW!

2 thoughts on “PRE-MARITAL & MARRIAGE

  1. Melanie Fullam Dolich

    Thank you so much, John, for your kind words about my mom in your email. You are right, God could not have given my father a better helpmate. My siblings and I witnessed a true love story as we were growing up. A love, first between a couple and their Creator, and then a love for each other, and then a love for their children. They would have been married 62 years on September 27th!

    As always, we are grateful for all you are doing to keep my father’s legacy alive!


    1. admin Post author

      It is an honor to be an extended part of such a wonderful family. Your Mom and Dad were truly living examples of Christ’s love for his church. All my love – John T


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