We live in an age where true personal time (alone and contemplative) is in short supply. There are few margins left on our page. Many of the demands of our time are unavoidable, yet some of the condition is self-imposed. Even in our spiritual life we are prone to approach our time with the Lord as if it were a speed dating exercise. We find a way to fit in a church service, but in reality our one-to-one time with the Lord is often shallow. Our prayer life, our personal study life, and our capacity to relish in the Lord's presence every day is "Challenged", to put it kindly.

Most of you would not be reading this material if you did not have a heart for the Lord. Understand there are no guilt trips in order here, just a little illumination as to how you might kick-start and nourish a new level of spiritual fulfillment in your busy life. Of course it will take some time! But I can promise you that the spiritual reward you will harvest will nourish you beyond your greatest expectations. Trust me when I say – Time with the Lord will become your greatest desire.

Maybe the first step should be to download the “15 Great Picks” Cross-Section, listed in the first part of the catalog.

One truth we take away from the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13; Mark 4; Luke 8) is that the yield of the crop is directly related to the condition of the soil.  God will produce the crop, but we need to prepare the soil.   It is easy to prepare the soil – one teaching a week will go a long way toward producing a bountiful crop.  Set aside 10 minutes a day, and let Father Fullam bring you the Word of God in a way that will renew your life.

The Relevancy of God in the world and in your life personally will all come together for you in a very short time.  You will look back after a year in amazement and with great appreciation!

In my personal devotion time I find that the most productive way to really embrace what the Lord intends for me is to “Center Down”, using headphones, in a quiet place, and just let the teachings flow.  As I am listening to the teaching I am able to watch every scripture reference scroll on my iPhone.  This is a huge convenience because it allows me to follow the scripture without the need to stop and start the audio, while flipping through my bible.  Everything is right there on my device.

If you will send me an email requesting the scripture reference tool, I’ll let you know how to incorporate it into your study.

In addition to personal quiet time study, other folks have found that listening to the teachings while walking; doing yard work or driving is very helpful.

One good way to enrich your spiritual growth even further is to seek out and join a growth group.  You can come together in a home and grow together as you grow in the Lord.  If you wish you can contact me and I’ll see if there is a group near you.


That is Terry’s devotion. To that end I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. Please feel free to email me with any requests. If you wish to speak personally with me, please include your phone number in the email and I will call you at my first opportunity.

John Tiffany