Life On Wings makes it easy to have a dynamic, first class Bible study in your home or church. This is solid Biblical teaching with collateral material presented in a personal manner by one of the giants of our age.

The New Testament is clear on the subject – God expects us to be in fellowship with Him and with other believer/followers (Koinonia). Although it sometimes seems attractive to become a “Robinson Crusoe” Christian, we will never develop into full maturity away from spiritual fellowship. Therefore, it is important that you belong to a faith community.

The groups that I am familiar with usually meet weekly at a person's home and listen to one of the teachings. Someone acts as a facilitator and with the help of the written outline, stimulates the discussion on Dr. Fullam's teaching. The group members are all personal subscribers to the teachings and have listened on their own prior to the group meeting. Meaningful insights are shared within the group family. By using the materials from Life on Wings, the group receives the very best in teaching, and the facilitator is relieved of the hours of preparation that usually accompany a home Bible study.

Prayer time is an essential element of the Groups. There should be focus toward centering in on the Lord, a time for sharing of concerns, petitions and prayers for one another. Some groups prefer the prayer time at the beginning and others prefer to have it at the end. Not only is this fellowship an extended Bible study, it becomes an extended, closely-knit family unit.

For any of you who are thinking of hosting a group, please drop me an email with your phone number and I'll call you with some helpful ideas on how to make the whole process flow easily. I have refined a very productive way to present the material via HDTV and would be happy to train you if you so desire.

Also let me know if you are hosting a group and looking for any new members. 


That is Terry’s devotion. To that end I would be happy to help you in any way that I can. Please feel free to email me with any requests. If you wish to speak personally with me, please include your phone number in the email and I will call you at my first opportunity.

John Tiffany